Monday, January 24, 2011

Cure for the common silly girl . . .

I am almost embarrassed of girls my age now days and I am no stranger to participating in this epidemic of silly girls.  They say if you’re not willing to make yourself sound stupid, you don’t deserve to be in love.  The girls of my generation took that quote and ran with it!  We run around and risk ourselves, reputations, heart, and mind.  We do things we never thought we would do, and in the end sometimes it works out, but mostly we just look silly. There is no rulebook, no guidelines set for us to follow just some advice passed down to our mothers which was passed down to them from their mothers.   Our mothers broke all the rules, but then continued to pass along the same advice they received, I presume because they saw themselves as silly girls.  So where does that leave us?  Smack dab in the middle of a tug a war, defining our image and road map between Grace Kelly and Paris Hilton.  So what do we do, how do we break the cycle?  Rules, maybe there isn’t any, maybe we have to make our own rule book.  Who cares if you’re a Grace or Paris, as long as you’re just being you.   Eventually we are going to have to face the world, guns blazing.  So why not feel guilty for crossing your own lines, not the ones society, and our mothers set for us.  God knows our mothers didn’t follow the advice passed down to them, communes, “Free Love” and Woodstock I’m sure was not in the playbooks. 
So we quit wadding in the shallow waters of silliness, dive into the deep end and emerge from the water refreshed and renewed.     We don’t let anyone tell us what is acceptable and what’s not, I know it can get dangerous and scary, but you’ll learn.  The silliness will become a distant memory of someone who stumbled to find who she was amongst a plethora of expectations.    Restoring which once was the shell of a confused insecure silly girl.  Now all anyone will see is a strong, independent, and confident woman, with her own rule book in tow, the best accessory.

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