Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For Jessica(s) with Love . . .

I have found myself saying “No” a lot lately.  I promise Mom and Dad it’s not what you think . . . kind of.  I am only human and I have my weaknesses also.  And though I have felt victim to them time and time again, there is no greater feeling then the strength to stand up for yourself.  It beats any next day of regret and emotion.   You even walk a little different . . . even in 6 inch red stilettos (I don’t care Mom if they look like hooker shoes, I love them) you still feel a little bit taller, and walk a little bit stronger!   There will always be tears, and there will always be heartbreak, but what I also learned this month is there will always be girlfriends old and new with many bottles of wine to help you get through the moments you can’t see past the tears.  Some days will be harder than others.  Myself personally I will always have a hard time come the date of a wedding that never happened for me.   But, this month I get to help a new friend bridge a similar situation this year, we will drink mimosas, and pamper ourselves ridiculously and remind ourselves what everyone else already see’s . . .just how fabulous we are, even when we stand alone.  No relationship is the same, and some . . . some hit you where it hurts most and are a little harder to get over then others.  Let’s face it we aren’t 16 anymore, we have real life problems with real life fears.  Just because time seems to be going a little faster in our lives now, we are never too old to start fresh.  No matter the situation, no matter how many times we fall short . . . there is no problem to big where one of us won’t help the other one stand.  Millie Grazie!

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